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Knights of the Legion

Delve into the intricate tales of the twelve knights of the Zodiac Legion, exploring their origins, adventures, and the cosmic powers that guide their paths. Experience the splendor of Illuminaria through its most valiant defenders and uncover the deeper truths that shape their world.

Antara of

Antara of Scorpio is the keeper of fire. Her power over the flames allows her to help the blacksmiths of the cities of Illuminaria reach the temperatures necessary for the manufacture of the metals and alloys needed for humanity. While Antara's control of flames primarily serves a benevolent purpose, she is not afraid to use it for more aggressive means when necessary.

As a demonstration of her incredible strength, she once saved Lucypolis from a looming disaster when a gigantic sandstorm emerged from the Endless Dunes. To protect the city and inhabitants, Antara unleashed her formidable powers and melted the sands with intense heat, creating what is stil known today as the Wall of Glass.

We also remember the devastating attack on the Cloud Citadel by the army of Elandor. Antara had to step in and control the fire, preventing it from spreading throughout the city.  It is widely believed that without her intervention, the city would have been completely obliterated.

Antara is highly secretive about her background. Rumors and speculations hint that she was raised in an orphanage located in the far-eastern city of Ironglad but she always refused to comment on that point.

Sheradan of Aries

Sheradan of

Sheradan is the protector of earth. He wields the power of the armor of Aries, which grants him the ability to move mountains, turn back floods, and summon tremendous storms with a single command. Everyone remembers the terrible earthquake that almost entirely destroyed the city of Arandor. And everyone also remembers how Sheradan saved the city from sinking into the ocean by using his power to build a protective wall of rocks around the city while digging through the ruins of the fallen buildings to save as many people as possible.

But Sheradan is not just a warrior, he is also a great healer. His ability to restore health and vitality to those who have been injured or fallen ill is a source of inspiration and hope for the people of Illuminaria. Thanks to his regenerative power, the casualties of the Arandor earthquake were less severe than everyone feared.

Before being a Zodiac knight, Sheradan was a farmer living near the city of Elandor, He described the experience of being summoned by the Aries armor as a transformative one, where his mind was given a new perspective on the world.

Discover the full saga

Embark on an enlightening exploration! Uncover the legendary tales of the Zodiac Legion, 12 knights chosen by the gods to uphold balance and safeguard humanity in the mysterious world of Illuminaria.

As a reader, you'll find yourself immersed in the grand tapestry of Illuminaria's rich heritage, exploring the intertwined relationship between the mortal realm and the divine, between the enigmatic gods and their earthly avatars. The pages are painting a vivid picture of a world where magic is intertwined with reality.

It's not just a book, but a journey into a world where the legendary Zodiac Legion continues to shape the destiny of Illuminaria!

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