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Alrech of Pisces
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Tales of Illuminaria


Discover why
Zodiac Legion 
captivates readers

Book cover for the Zodiac Legion
"This book is wildly cool. Super fun and inventive world with some beautiful artwork!

- Jason Carter


Knights of the Legion

Embark on an enlightening exploration! Uncover the legendary tales of the Zodiac Legion, twelve knights chosen by the gods to uphold balance and safeguard humanity in the mysterious world of Illuminaria.

As a reader, you'll find yourself immersed in the grand tapestry of Illuminaria's rich heritage, exploring the intertwined relationship between the mortal realm and the divine, between the enigmatic gods and their earthly avatars. The pages are painting a vivid picture of a world where magic is intertwined with reality.

It's not just a book, but a journey into a world where the legendary Zodiac Legion continues to shape the destiny of Illuminaria!

About the author

David Catuhe

When David was a child, he was already obsessed with heroic fantasy, magic, and world-building. However, the universe sent him down a different path, and he pursued a career as a software engineer.

At the age of 45, something ignited within him, and he decided to return to his first love: painting fantasy scenes and characters. He realized that it is never too late to pursue your passions! The Zodiac Legion is the first manifestation of this passion and marks the beginning of a great adventure in Illuminaria.

David lives in Seattle, in the Pacific Northwest, with his wife and daughter. He is a big fan of Magic: The Gathering and has been an avid player of World of Warcraft for years.

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Photo of Deltakosh painting
Photo of Deltakosh

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Book cover for the Zodiac Legion
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