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Schools of Magic

Delve into the unfathomable mysteries of the magical arts of Illuminaria!

Explore the nine major arcana taught today in magic schools worldwide.
Let yourself be captivated by the various facets of the Precursors’ ancient magic, a source of mysterious and fascinating power that even the most learned struggle to comprehend.
Regardless of your level of interest in the mystical arts, this book will be an essential tool on your initiatory journey.



Life magic is among the most precious. While other forms may dazzle or destroy, life magic brings healing and solace, and above all, it restores hope where none existed. Practitioners of this arcane discipline, often hailed as healers, possess the ability to mend wounds, be they physical or mental.


From deep lacerations to fractures and even intricate maladies, their tender care brings remedy. Their prowess extends beyond the realms of traditional medical understanding, mending afflictions that defy conventional treatments. In the face of medical impotence, life magic takes center stage.


Among these practitioners, battlefield healers stand out. These exceptional mages, trained for the rigors of war, can conjure vast healing fields that enshroud wounded warriors. And in moments, dozens, even hundreds of soldiers regain their strength, ready to resume the battle.


The greatest masters are even capable of bringing individuals back from the brink of death, a rare feat that is shrouded in mystery.


Recently, rumors have begun circulating throughout Illuminaria, hinting at the possible discovery of ancient artifacts in the ruins of the Precursors. These objects, infused with powerful energies, could apply life magic without the intervention of a healer. The archaeologists’ guild has thus launched several expeditions in the hope of retrieving and studying these promising artifacts. If these objects indeed possess real power, they could not only revolutionize the field of healing but also broaden our understanding of magic itself. However, caution is crucial, as these artifacts, in the wrong hands, could have unexpected and potentially disastrous consequences.

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Discover the 9 Schools

Explore the enchanting world of Illuminaria, where nine prominent magic schools, founded during the Nymris Conclave, offer a blend of general and specialized magical studies.

Guided by esteemed deans and the Zodiac Legion, these schools are built on powerful mana nexuses, enabling students to connect deeply with the source of magic. Embark on a journey of arcane enlightenment and discover the unique teachings that shape the future of Humanity!

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