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Tales of Illuminaria

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Magic schools established during the Nymris conclave were initially led by members of the Legion. When the first cohort was finally announced, the knights appointed deans to head each school before taking their leave.


The knights assumed the role of “consultants,” primarily offering support to the professors, guiding them in the right direction for their research and the formulation of foundational curricula. 


Ultimately, nine major magic schools spread across Illuminaria, each with a general magical curriculum and, of course, an array of specialized disciplines. Often, the founders of these schools – some of whom still hold their positions today – impart their unique qualities in their teachings.


While unraveling the intricacies of magic and its arcane tapestry, students also delve into more fundamental concepts, such as the pursuit of the greater good and an indispensable tether for forging enduring and potent links with the wellsprings of mana. 


Each magic school stands atop a mana nexus, a point of mana concentration in Illuminaria, intersecting the influence of several mana pyramids. Unearthed through the endeavors of Aaran Nesh, these nexuses provide students with direct communion with the source of magic, facilitating their journey of enlightenment. The buildings themselves, often adorned with mystical sculptures and symbols, are designed to channel and amplify the mana flow.

About the author

David Catuhe

When David was a child, he was already obsessed with heroic fantasy, magic, and world-building. However, the universe sent him down a different path, and he pursued a career as a software engineer.

At the age of 45, something ignited within him, and he decided to return to his first love: painting fantasy scenes and characters. He realized that it is never too late to pursue your passions! The Magic Compendium is the second manifestation of this passion and continues the great adventure in Illuminaria.

David lives in Seattle, in the Pacific Northwest, with his wife and daughter. He is a big fan of Magic: The Gathering and has been an avid player of World of Warcraft for years.

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